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We are excited to annouce the availability of Digistars Make-A-Movie Workshop for selected European countries as per June 2024!

Digistars® Make-A-Movie Workshop engages, inspires, and teaches students to create their own digital stories!

Digistars is a curriculum development company dedicated to teaching the production process of moviemaking to young students and supporting teachers with 21st century curriculum packages so that they can create exciting and innovative learning experiences.

Digistars® Make-A-Movie Workshop evolved from a StART Grant (Science, Technology, Art integration) from Colorado Creative Industries in 2010.

Since then, Digistars has transformed the way students are being taught to communicate their stories through digital storytelling such as stop-motion animation, documentaries, and live-action films.

After six years of Digistars workshops being offered in-person to thousands of elementary and middle schoolers in more than 35 schools, the company went virtual with a goal to make the curriculum more accessible and affordable to kids, parents and teachers.

Digistars offers a suite of online digital storytelling (moviemaking) curriculum packages that can be accessed directly by students, parents, or teachers.

Together with nonprofit sponsor Creative Technologies for Kids, Digistars offers regular film festival opportunities for kids to submit their Oscar-worthy films.

Digistars® Make-A-Movie Workshop founder Elizabeth Yarnell initiated a transformative educational program in 2010, integrating science, art, and technology at a school for gifted children.

With her background as a professional multimedia instructional designer and in collaboration with a film professor, she launched moviemaking programs to enrich students’ learning experiences.

Recognizing the broader impact, she has founded Digistars® Make-A-Movie Workshop to offer these creative learning opportunities to more students around the world through various formats, including online programs, of which already over 2000 students have taken part in.

Digistars’ for Kids mission is to teach essential visual communication skills through digital moviemaking, empowering young minds to become effective communicators and creative storytellers.

Bring STEAM to School with Moviemaking from Digistars on Vimeo.

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